Call for contributions

The Zero Fieldnotes¹ is —or is going to be— a zine about Kentucky Route Zero. There are so many interesting aspects in this game (and surrounding works), that I thought it’d be great to have a little printed publication about it.


To fill the pages of the first issue, I’m looking for:

  • Text pieces (Articles, fan fictions, analysis, commentaries, etc. Anything you’d like to write about it.)
  • Visual pieces (Fan art, etc. Anything printable you want to draw or create about it.)

If you have anything else in mind, for instance hybrid pieces with both text and pictures, they’re welcome too :)

Send your piece(s) to before the 5th of August. Include a title for your piece and the name you want to be credited with (they’ll be printed in the table of contents or similar use).


  • For text pieces, I’m not putting any characters or word count limits — I’ll improvise with what I get. Also don’t worry about layout or anything, since I’ll have a unified typeface and grid for all pages. You’re welcome to send suggestions if you have something in mind, especially for pieces that are more than only prose, but otherwise the raw text content is perfect!
  • For visual pieces, no restriction in format either. Any picture should however be in level of greys (“black and white”) due to the printing I’m likely to go for. Moreover, if you’d like to be printed full-page or close enough, keep in mind to have a canvas size at the very least A5 in 300 dpi (±1800 px wide) for vertical pieces, and A4 in 300 dpi (±3500 px wide) for horizontal pieces². For horizontal pieces meant to be printed on a double-page spread, remember to keep any significant element away from the centre, since it will otherwise end up on the fold.
  • If you include screenshots from the game, in case you haven’t captured them already, let’s all go for a relatively small resolution, say 800×480. That’s for keeping the nice aliased effect once printed. I’ll take care of converting them to black and white. Preferably, only use screenshots if necessary (for instance, if you write a fic taking place at Equus Oils, a screenshot of it isn’t so essential: all the readers will have it in mind. If you want an illustration, I’d rather have your own sketch of it).


I’m going to be Cardboard Computer-y on this one — it’ll be published when it’s ready :) I don’t have much free time these days, my computer is going to be away for a while for repairs, and above all I really really want to do a nice editorial object! So doing the layout and running print tests will take some time³. I’m aiming for some time in the fall, though. Once it’s ready, I’ll open pre-orders to get an idea of the amount I need to print.


You retain, of course, all rights to the piece you submit, meaning you can do anything else with it, including publishing it elsewhere if you wish. If you feel like waiting for the zine release, that would be ideal, but do as you like. By sending it, you simply allow me to publish it in the zine and display it in things related to this project (e.g. photographs of the printed zine).


Any questions, or anything else I forgot to mention?
(it is my first zine call for contribution post after all)

Add a comment below or write me an e-mail :)

¹ The title is only a codename. It might very well change during the process of making it.
² It is unlikely that the fanzine will be precisely A5. I have a tendency to go for unconventional formats. In terms of approximate size though, it will probably be around that.
³ I never made a zine before! But I had many editorial design classes when I was studying and did a lot of experimental booklets and things like that. So I’m not in uncharted territory at all :)

Looking forward to see what you come up with!

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